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The Live Interview Via Remote

Written by Olivier Gibbons on November 15, 2010

There's nothing like live TV. It offers your firm enormous exposure and provides an opportunity to establish yourself as a talking head. Naturally, it comes with perils. Blow it and you won't be invited back. Worse yet, you can come off as inexperienced and unprepared. Here's how to deliver:

  • Prepare for the interview and ask the show's producers what questions are likely to be asked
  • Come in well-rested and looking your best
  • Apply make-up evenly
  • Make sure the chord on your microphone is clipped neatly inside your jacket or hidden under a blouse
  • Also make sure the wire attaching your IFB or earpiece is tucked behind you and out of view
  • Look straight into the camera and avoid darting your eyes from side to side
  • Listen carefully to the question
  • Speak confidently, conversationally and concisely
  • Bring energy and sound enthused
  • Offer insight, analysis and opinion
  • Avoid critiquing or complimenting the anchor
  • Use the anchor's name at least once when beginning a sentence


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